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Visual storytelling

Data-driven stories that matter

As a data journalist, I acquire, clean and analyse data to tell compelling stories. This involves visualising complex stories using charts and maps. Below are some examples of my data storytelling work.

Citizenship for sale: The most powerful passports money can buy

As part of my data journalism postgraduate course at University College Dublin, I investigated the different countries around the world that sell passports for monetary gain. After examining the countries that offer such schemes, I compared the countries with the most powerful passports by the number of visa-free travel countries. By analysing IMF data, I found that countries with high public debt tend to opt for economic citizenship schemes to raise much needed funds.

The evolution of a cashless society

The easy availability of contactless cards, mobile payments, and online sales has led to a rise in cashless payments. But how far off is a truly cashless society? The global shift towards a cash-free existence is expressed in this infographic. This was designed for CNN's "Future Finance," a series showcasing future trends related to the global financial system.

50 years of women in space

As part of the 50th anniversary of the first woman in space, I produced a timeline for CNN’s Leading Women showcasing the history of women in space.